Imperial College to Launch Machine Learning Online Degree

1 Apr 2019, Mon

The possibilities of online learning are endless. 

World-renowned university Imperial College London launches one of the world's first online Masters in Machine Learning in partnership with online learning platform Coursera.

Machine learning is a rapidly developing segment of artificial intelligence where computer systems rely not on explicit instructions to perform tasks, but on patterns and inference. With increasing application on products and services, machine learning has seen a sharp rise in demand for its experts in the job market.

The introduction of a full-fledged online Masters degree by a consistently top-ranking university is a testament to the maturity of online learning today. Imperial College London joins other celebrated universities (such as the University of London and the University of Michigan) in recognizing the credibility of online degrees.

Online learning has far outgrown its days as mere personal enrichment; it has become a well-acknowledged means of obtaining valid qualifications, ranging from certificates of a single course to full online degrees. This helps learners acquire new skill sets and grasp career opportunities. 

Imperial College’s online MSc in Machine Learning is not commencing until fall 2020, but those interested can sign up here for updates. Meanwhile, KEEP offers a wide array of courses for you to explore machine learning and other topics. Find what you want to learn here.