Udacity Offering Personal Mentors and Career Coaches to Online Learners

3 Jun 2019, Mon
Udacity is adding a personal touch in its assistance to learners.

Gone are the days when online courses were all one-way, when e-learning meant students watching videos alone with no assistance from anyone or in any form.

Nowadays, online courses are much more interactive: there are grading systems that provide automated, personalized feedback for assignments, forums where learners can discuss course contents with each other, and even artificial intelligence chatbots answering enquiries. Each one of these helps learners acquire knowledge more effectively.

To further its support for learners, Udacity is upgrading its services to users of its Nanodegrees, which are bundles of courses on a specialized topic. From now on, when learners sign up for a Nanodegree program, they can enjoy individual mentorship on the platform. Not only can the mentors clarify learners' doubts over course materials, but also help set tailored learning targets and provide detailed feedback on courses projects that would be unavailable from automated systems. This efficiently boosts interaction between learners and educators in online programs.

Apart from acquiring skills, learners often register online courses for career advancement. Udacity understands its users’ needs and offers career coaching to its Nanodegree learners. From job application issues to interviews, mentors have been trained to provide learners with personalized advice to help them score their dream positions, leading learners one step closer to their career aspirations.

You can find all Udacity Nanodegrees and benefit from the upgraded services here on KEEP.