Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
13 Sep 2018

CUHK Event Teaching

Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018 (image from the official website)

The twelfth annual event since 2007, the Teaching and Learning Expo 2018 will be held by CUHK on 7 Dec 2018, showcasing latest ideas and practices in learning enhancement through a series of talks, workshops and presentations.

Like the Expos in the past, there will be keynote sessions and sharings by CUHK students in the morning, followed by poster presentation during lunch and track sessions of separate workshops in the afternoon.

CUHK teachers can apply to present their teaching achievements or research findings on or before 22 Oct 2018 with an abstract. Those who simply want to join the Expo can register online before 9 am of 6 Dec.

The event is jointly organized by the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) and the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of CUHK, where both are key participants in promoting eLearning in CUHK.



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