Students Exploring Latest Technologies at InnoCarnival

06 Nov 2018

CUHK Event KEEP Technology

A student attempting to answer questions on KEEP

InnoCarnival 2018, the technological exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Government’s Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), is now in its fourth opening day. Students from local primary and secondary schools, led by their teachers, is visiting the carnival at the Science Park to explore the latest technological innovations presented by universities and professionals.

The exhibition area of CUHK

The organizer has arranged a zone for local universities to display their new developments. A number of such booths are providing mini-games related to their research topic, attracting clusters of children who want to play for fun and gifts like stickers. Prof. Rocky Tuan, the President of CUHK, also visited the booth of his university today and tried to play with some of the exhibits.

The InnoCarnival this year is still open until 11 Nov 2018 (Sun). KEEP, together with other innovations from local universities, are being displayed in the Green Zone. The carnival opens to all members of the public and is free of charge.

KEEP showcasing its course searching functions


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