KEEP stories on Universe Fanaticism

07 Nov 2018

KEEP Technology

(left to right) Mr. Tony Lam (the host), Mr. Eddy Yet (KEEP) and Dr. Wuyao Shen (Seamless Visual Sharing With Colour Blind People)

KEEP is excited to share its development stories with the audience in the Metro Radio programme Universe Fanaticism (宇宙狂熱) today.

The programme is hosted by Mr. Tony Lam, exploring the latest scientific and technological developments with its listeners. In today’s episode, KEEP’s walked through the eLearning journey from the past, where the learning materials and tools are costly and scattered, to the future, where these resources should be affordable and easily accessible.

The programme today also featured the story of Seamless Visual Sharing With Colour Blind People, another project initiated in CUHK that helps people with colour blindness and normal vision audiences to share the same visual content simultaneously.

Paid members of Metro Radio can revisit the programme within 12 months.