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[資料科學演講] How Do People Prefer To Learn? eLearning Trends and Predictions 2017 人們喜歡如何學習?2017年電子學習趨勢與預測

台灣資料科學年會 - 12 November 2017



台灣資料科學年會 Day 2 11/12 (日) 13:00-13:45 R0


E-learning is now indispensable as a mean for education. In particular, with the advent of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), University Open Online Course (UOOC), Small Personal Online Course (SPOC), flipped classroom, etc., these novel online courses are providing quality education to the masses, and are fueling a transformative change with the use of technology. In this talk, I plan to chart out the current trends in e-learning, including learning habits of users, popularities of courses, and its impact on career development. We will also examine some learning analytics technologies that are being used to support e-learning. With these technologies, we will be able to help the educators to deliver better learning experiences in e-learning platforms, e.g., personalizing the learning sequence for different learners, tracking people’s attention, etc.

以電子學習作為教育的手段是不可或缺的。 特別是隨著大眾開放在線課程(MOOC),大學開放在線課程(UOOC),小型個人在線課程(SPOC),翻譯教室等的出現,這些新穎的網絡課程正在向群眾提供優質教育,並通過技術推動了變革。這個演講將會介紹當前電子學習的趨勢,包括用戶的學習習慣,課程的流行度以及對職業發展的貢獻。我們還探討一些用於支持電子學習的數據分析技術。 借助這些技術,我們將能夠幫助教育者在電子學習平台上提供更好的學習體驗,例如個性化不同學習者的學習順序,跟踪用戶的注意力等。


陳宜欣 / 清大資工


Prof. Irwin King

金國慶, Irwin King 個人網站
香港中文大學 / Professor
Prof. Irwin King's research interests include machine learning, social computing, web intelligence, data mining, and multimedia information processing. In these research areas, he has over 300 technical publications in some top journals and conferences. In addition, he has contributed over 30 book chapters and edited volumes. Prof. King is Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering and Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also Director of the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Rich Media and Big Data. During his sabbatical, he also worked at AT&T Labs Research and taught at UC Berkeley. Recently, Prof. King has been an evangelist in the use of education technologies in eLearning for the betterment of teaching and learning.

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