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CUHK Teaching & Learning Innovation Expo 2016

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 16 December 2016

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2016 was hosted by the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research and the Information Technology Services Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Over the course of the day on Dec 16, 2016, more than 32 presentations and talks were given to an audience of more than 100 participants actively engaged in innovations in teaching and learning. Additionally, many faculty members presented posters of their accomplishments covering areas such as virtual reality, flipped classroom, gamification, micromodules, among many other topics with representation from each faculty.

Professor Irwin King, our principal investigator, gave a talk entitled "KEEP Learning for Life", talking about the many ways teachers and professors had used KEEP services to spur innovation in teaching and learning in their classrooms. KEEP was also honored to be featured in many presentations and posters as the hosting platform to provide the course management system, learning analytics, and in-class interaction tools.