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3 Chinese Medicine Courses For This New Season

KEEP - 01 November 2017

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

Autumn has finally come to Hong Kong! Now we have got rid of the record-breaking hot weather. Chill wind arrives, which feels great but may also bring you a cold if you fail to adapt to the cooling temperature.

In traditional Chinese wisdom, if we take in foods according to seasonal nature, we remain in harmony with the environment thus adapt better to changes in weather and stay healthy. Chinese Medicine is different from the Modern or “Western” Medicine that is far more commonly practiced, but its theories are stilled widely studied and applied for maintaining health and curing diseases. So why not learn more from it and adapt to a healthier lifestyle from now on?


Everyday Chinese Medicine

This course from The Chinese University of Hong Kong is designed for the general public. In the course, you will learn the basic principles and how your organs contribute to health and sickness. You will also try making a diagnosis and developing a self-care plan based on the knowledge acquired.


Health Concepts in Chinese Medicine

Similar to the last course, this one by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology provides you the basic theories of Chinese Medicine. You will review both medical literature from ancient to medieval China and contemporary researches on Chinese herbs.


Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Culture (中醫藥與中華傳統文化)

Chinese Medicine principles are closely related to traditional Chinese philosophies. This course from Shanghai Jiao Tong University discusses the connections between the theories and the traditional thinkings like Tao, Confucianism and Buddhist concepts. A good choice if you want to know more about the background of Chinese Medicine.


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