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3 Courses For Becoming a VR Developer

KEEP - 19 December 2017

Virtual Reality

The year 2016 is called the Year of Virtual Reality (VR) where VR technologies started to be developed rapidly and relevant devices were becoming simpler and more popular. Expecting the VR market to be emerging, more young developers and designers are preparing themselves to get a share in this growing sector. Want to be one of the future VR professionals? Try the below three courses to bring your virtual career plan to reality!


Introduction to Virtual Reality

This course by the University of London is for beginners. You will learn the basics of VR from the hardware, the history, the different applications, the psychology, and the challenges of the medium. You will also be guided to design simple VR applications.


How Virtual Reality (VR) Works

Another choice for getting started in VR studies - a course from UCSD that guides you in developing a VR app using WebVR. You will explore both the hardware and software aspects, and evaluate what makes a VR app successful.


Interactive 3D Graphics

3D graphics is an essential part of VR that forms objects or even creates the whole scene in a simulated environment. You will learn the basic skills including meshes, transforms, cameras, materials, lighting, and animation.



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