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3 Courses For Getting Started In Web Development

KEEP - 04 December 2017

 Web Development

Surfing the web has been an integral part our daily life. When you come across websites and mobile apps, have you ever wonder why they are becoming more interactive and intelligent?   The below three courses about web development languages may provide an answer to you.


HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals

HTML and CSS define how a website look slike, while HTML5 allows you to enrich your page with more content and multimedia possibilities. On top of building your own website, this course paves you the pathway to be a front-end web developer.

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript, or JS, is a popular programming language in web development, which is often used with HTML and CSS to make web content more interactive. Mastering this allows you to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces easily.


Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

The Ruby on Rails framework allows you to build web applications quickly. The course guides you in building a web application and deploy it to the cloud. Yes, you will have a web app baby with different functions that can be accessed at anywhere connected to the Internet!