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3 Courses to Seize Opportunities In The Fintech Revolution

KEEP - 11 December 2017


Fintech, i.e. financial technology, is swiftly transforming the whole financial industry. Digital technologies become common and lead the changes in the business ecosystem as well as government regulations. Being proficient in relevant knowledge would means numerous opportunities in this fast-growing sector. Let’s see the below three courses that we recommend to you for learning Fintech.


FinTech and the Transformation of Financial Services

This introductory course covers different areas of Fintech including cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, P2P lending, crowdfunding, etc. In addition to that, you will know more about the regulatory changes and predict the future of banking.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

The revolutionary cryptocurrency Bitcoin has its price surges for a thousand times in the past five years, hitting nearly US$20,000 recently. But what is a Bitcoin actually? This course briefs you the technology and applications of cryptocurrencies that you should know before you join this financial revolution. Who knows that it is a bubble or a miracle?


Electronic Trading in Financial Markets

Instructors from the Wall Street would let you understand how technology is affecting the financial market and delve into the mechanism of algorithmic trading. Current issues about electronic trading and its impact on financial stability would also be covered.