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A Newborn Online Education Competitor Arise in the Era of Big Education

KEEP - 09 September 2014

Professor Irwin King of The Chinese University of Hong Kong introduced KEEP - an online education platform for the first time during a 3-day conference at Warsaw, Poland.

The 2014 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) was held at Warsaw, Poland on 7-10 September this year. During the conference, Professor Irwin King of The Chinese University of Hong Kong introduced KEEP (Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform), an online education platform being developed by the same university, for the first time.

In light of popularization of computer and Internet in the past decades, the methodology of education transforms rapidly. Nowadays, there are plenty of education platforms available for people to gain their knowledge, such as Coursera and Edx.

However, as there is a huge variety of information available on the Internet, the way to seek the right and useful bits of knowledge becomes the main concern. Nevertheless, The Chinese University of Hong Kong constantly brings good news for us. A couple of years ago, the university launched the first bilingual online plagiarism checker, VeriGuide, in Hong Kong.

This year, the university is going to launch another unprecedented tool, which is a powerful online education platform that aggregates all the academic materials and facilitates self-learning online. KEEP is an online education project that collaborates with major universities and institutions in Hong Kong.

By using the latest technology to aggregate all academic materials, KEEP creates a knowledge and technology combined environment which makes online learning and teaching more centralized, easier and well-organized. Together with a myriad of approved educational tools provided by both the official and the community, KEEP also enhances teaching practice and improves student learning.

In the future, KEEP will be every tertiary students’ academic encyclopedia. One can freely obtain and study the academic materials on this education platform. There shall be no need for students to spend extra time for searching the wanted materials on different websites.