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Collaborators Concluded E-Learning Researches In The First KEEP Project Period

KEEP - 22 March 2018

KEEP Collaborators' Meeting

Prof. Irwin King, Principal Investigator of KEEP

The collaborators of Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform (KEEP) project gathered in the KEEP office today to share their achievements in the first funding period, which is ending on 31 Mar 2018.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Irwin King, the Principal Investigator of KEEP, reported that the core functions of KEEP such as KEEPCourse and KEEPoll are fully developed, with 168 courses hosted and 58115 courses searchable on KEEP. The courses were delivered with flipped classroom and gamification arrangements to enhance learning effectiveness.

Prof. Eric Tsui

Prof. Eric Tsui introducing the course recommendation engine in his video

The collaborators in the partner universities also shared their achievements. The team from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University played a prerecorded video in MOOC style, with Prof. Eric Tsui introducing the course recommendation engine that his team developed. The representative of Prof. Kong Siu Cheung from The Education University of Hong Kong shared their bilingual text mining system that helps discover the major topics in learning discussions.

The participants also discussed future developments of KEEP. The KEEP team announced that they will work on single sign-on using university accounts, while Prof. Ricky Kwok from The University of Hong Kong shared the research direction of learning gamification.

The meeting is the last annual meeting in the first funding period of KEEP, but most collaborators would continue to participate in the second funding period, which has already begun in last September and would end on the year 2020.

KEEP collaborators

Prof. Irwin King and collaborators of KEEP