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CUHK Faculty of Engineering Shared Micro-Module Developments

KEEP - 19 January 2018

Mr. Rudi Chow

Mr. Rudi Chow, Faculty of Engineering Media Studio

Developing micro-modules to assist teaching can enhance engagement and interactions between teachers and students, shared in the TDLEG Micro-Modules Production and Management Sharing Session in CUHK Faculty of Engineering today.

Mr. Rudi Chow, the speaker from the Faculty of Engineering Media Studio, shared the educational video The Molecular Shape of You, a parody of the pop song Shape of You, to illustrate the potential of multimedia materials in drawing students interest in learning complex concepts. He quoted the Dale’s Cone of Learning which states that learners can remember around 50% of the things that they see and hear, far higher than that of 10% for things they read.


The Molecular Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Parody) (A Capella Science)


Rudi suggested teachers following the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate) to build micro-modules that are rewarding both for the teachers and the students. He also mentioned that there are no fixed rules on how to make a good module, so teachers need to be creative and experiment to find the best method.

Production input of a micro-module

After Rudi’s sharing, Dr. Marco Ho from the Department of Information Engineering shared the production process of his micro-module for ENGG1100 Introduction to Engineering Design, an elementary course for CUHK engineering students. The KEEP team also demonstrated using KEEPCourse and KEEPoll to engage students by providing interactive learning materials and holding in-class activities respectively.

Dr. Marco Ho

Dr. Marco Ho, Department of Information Engineering

The sharing session came after the launch of the project TDLEG Micro-modules Production and Management, which is funded by the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (2017) to produce a series of micro-modules for foundation courses at the CUHK Faculty of Engineering.