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CUHK Grants Up To $100,000 For E-Learning Development

KEEP - 31 January 2018

Courseware Development Grant Scheme

To encourage teachers to practice e-learning, the Subcommittee on Education Technologies of the CUHK IT Governance Committee launched the Courseware Development Grant Scheme (CDGS) to fund staffs, services and technical costs involved in e-learning development, with a maximum grant of $100,000.

The Subcommittee is calling for applications to the Scheme this year, where each applicant needs to submit the application form with the project plan and budget on or before 28 Feb 2018. Teachers can consult the eLearning Clinic before they apply. A number of past developments, including online presentations and interactive games, are shown as references.

Drag-and-Drop challenge on KEEP 

A Drag-and-Drop challenge on KEEP
(Volcanoes, Walter Wong, CUHK)

Teachers receiving the grant should put the developed content on the web for access by students within 12 months. In the past, CUHK teachers have been putting their online courses or modules on their own website, video platforms like Youtube, and learning management systems (LMS) like Blackboard or KEEP.

Teachers funded will need to submit a final report for evaluation. The online course or module together with the report will be widely promoted in various websites of CUHK and may be showcased to members of the University through other channels as well.

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