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CUHK Launches Territory’s First Cloud-based eLearning Platform

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 29 March 2015


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is pleased to announce the launch of KEEP (Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform), a cloud-based eLearning platform developed and initiated by the University with all partner institutions, funded by the University Grant Committee of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It aims to offer a personalized educational portal for users to easily search, subscribe and access content related to education from the KEEP Cloud Ecosystem. It also supports the development of innovative teaching and learning with cutting-edge technology, as well as uncovers the most relevant results from different education resources. KEEP is now open for subscription:

Prof. Irwin King, Project Investigator of KEEP and Associate Dean (Education) of CUHK Faculty of Engineering, said, ‘Our aim is to build a central-point, one-stop education cloud as a knowledge aggregator and technology integrator for eLearning teaching and learning. As a KEEP user, you can access the full array of educational resources, particularly those developed by educators in Hong Kong to showcase, share and search educational content tools, applications and services. Working alongside our sister institutions, KEEP is committed to bringing you quality content, resourceful information, innovative learning tools and powerful applications from the education landscape.’


Major Components of KEEP

Educational Content for Knowledge Aggregation: The KEEP platform collects and organizes educational related resources in Hong Kong and around the world.  With over 3 million education-related webpages being crawled and indexed, KEEPSearch provides teachers and students dedicated ways to search, explore, and use these relevant resources and services.

Learning Analytics for Performance Improvement: The KEEP platform delivers learning analytics to students, teachers, and administrators in order to enhance the overall learning and teaching performance and experience.

Educational Platforms for Experimental Teaching and Learning: The KEEP Cloud provides cutting-edge eLearning platforms for teachers and students to experiment blended-learning on advanced MOOC environments such as Coursera, edX, ewant, xuetangX, etc. as well as LMS systems such as Moodle, Open edX, Open Canvas, Course Builder, etc.

Educational Apps to Showcase Advanced Technology: The KEEP Cloud interfaces with other educational software technologies by offering Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to design and implement vertical modules or systems in order to leverage data and functions on the KEEP platform.


Key Features of KEEP

KEEPSearch: An in-depth directory and search engine with dedicated and exclusive educational resources.

KEEPoll: A real-time web and mobile polling service to increase student engagement and teaching quality.

KEEPCatalog: A showcase collection of the best-in-class software, hardware, and services for teaching and learning.

KEEPCourse: LMS/MOOC hosting service for course sharing and collaboration in experimental and blended learning environments.




CUHK Launches Territory’s First Cloud-based eLearning Platform (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)