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Ethical Business Through MOOC: Goldman Sachs’ Women Entrepreneurial Course

KEEP - 07 June 2018

On May 22nd, investment bank and financial firm Goldman Sachs launched its 10,000 Women: Assessing Your Business Growth Potential MOOC on Coursera. This introductory course was designed to help entrepreneurs or those with existing businesses to analyze the market, develop their base and potential.

10,000 Women is a global initiative started in 2008, aiming to provide women entrepreneurs with a business and management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital. It began with instructor-led classes with the intention of training 10,000 women, and now Goldman Sachs have over 10,000 graduates from 56 different countries. These numbers will likely grow as its MOOC on Coursera garner more participants, allowing access to its female-focused business education on a global scale.

The 10,000 Women initiative is a great example of how education of any type can be democratized through eLearning. “This is a question of opportunity, not capability, and this partnership with Coursera allows us to expand 10,000 Women to reach those entrepreneurs we haven’t been able to before,” said John Rogers, the Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, in a statement. The Goldman Sachs foundation is the philanthropic branch of Goldman Sachs, created to ensure that it will operate in a more ethical manner.

According to reporting, 70% of graduates of 10,000 Women bring in higher revenues and 60% created new jobs. Through the online MOOC, learners from all around the world will be able to join an existing community of successful entrepreneurs, attesting to the merits of eLearning.


You can check out the course here.