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Exclusive Interview Series with KEEP Partner Universities (4)

KEEP - 17 November 2015

Interview transcribed by Doris Cheng

We interviewed Prof. Sandy Li about the biggest challenge facing ICT implementation in schools and the approaches to tackle that challenge. Prof. Li is the Head of Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests include web-based and mobile learning, brain-computer interface (BCI), comparative study on implementation of ICT policy in education, socio-cognition in computer supported learning environments, simulation and modelling in education, and facilitation of conceptual change in science education.


Interview with Prof Sandy Li at Hong Kong Baptist University

Q1: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing ICT implementation in schools and how to tackle that challenge?

A: I think that is a really interesting question. I guess one of the biggest challenges comes from teachers’ mindset and also teachers’ pedagogical belief. I think the best way to tackle this, of course, is through professional development. Say, for instance, we could set up different communities of practice, allowing teachers to share their good practices and showcasing successful stories. That would help teachers to change their mindset. 



Q2: What do you think about KEEP?

A: I think KEEP is a very good initiative. First of all, it provides a rich platform for teachers to share their good practices. At the same time, they allow students to have a variety of choices, especially nowadays; we are talking about catering to learner diversities. So I think KEEP can address their diverse needs.