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Georgia Tech Computing Pioneered MOOC-based Master Programmes

KEEP - 07 November 2017

Faculty Distinguished Lecture: Georgia Tech's Online MOOC-based Master Program

From the left: Prof. Jimmy Lee (Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CUHK), Prof. Helen Meng (Chairman of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK), Prof. Zvi Galil (Dean of Computing, Georgia Tech), Prof. Irwin King (Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Engineering, CUHK)

Prof. Zvi Galil, the Dean of Computing of Georgia Tech has shared today the successful experience of launching its MOOC-based master programme, in an invited lecture arranged by the Faculty of Engineering of CUHK.

The institute has been offering the programme of Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) since 2014, allow learners to study remotely and at a cost of lower than US$7,000, compared to more than US$40,000 for its counterparts. There are 5,866 enrollments to OMSCS in fall 2017 and 582 graduates up to date. Students are across the United States as well as the globe.

Excerpts from a machine learning course in Georgia Tech

Combining the well-designed course content and benefits of a MOOC, it turns out to be a huge success in promoting online education at a quality equal or better than in-person education. According to Galil, the programme is a future model for education and the school will pilot additional programs including those at bachelor level.


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