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Getting Bored of Learning Programming? Try These Interactive Apps

KEEP - 17 May 2018

Online courses in programming have been becoming hugely popular, but it could soon become boring if everything is displayed and executed in the classical dull console view. Some trainers tackle this by using videos and adding good-looking elements into their courses. Now you have even more options - to play with apps that teach programming via interactive functions like Q&A and mini-games.

These apps come with a variety in style. Some make their teaching like private tutoring while some add challenge elements in learning. If you are looking for a fun and immersive experience in learning programming, don’ t miss the below three apps we picked for you. Enjoy!

Programming Hub: Learn as in private tutoring 

Programming Hub illustrates programming concepts in a talking style and uses lots of metaphors. As you tap the screen, messages pop up like you are hearing from your private tutor. After listening to the stories, of course, you will have some chances to write short programmes to apply what you have learned.

A wide variety of languages, including programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript and Python, and languages used in web development like HTML, CSS and PHP.


Download Programming Hub on:   App Store   Google Play



Py: Go through programming concepts with experiments

Py teaches you programming languages with short lessons broken down into one-page illustrations, multiple choice questions and experiments. Users can tap on the scripting options to see how different codes affect the programme output. Comparisons can be made quickly with tapping instead on writing codes followed by compiling the whole programme.

Besides a few common languages, Py also offers tutorials in web development, data science and artificial intelligence.


Download Py on:   App Store   Google Play



Grasshopper: Take programming challenges as mini-games

Area 120, as a team for experimental products in Google, has introduced the Grasshopper app where each programming lesson is actually a game-style challenge. In each challenge, you will replicate the cute effects shown in the example by connecting blocks of codes with simple taps.

Grasshopper teaches JavaScript and covers coding for text, graphics and animated output only. But its fun experience would surely raise the users’ interest in continuing their learning.


Download Grasshopper on:   App Store   Google Play



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