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Grand Launch of KEEPoll App for Android Devices

KEEP - 24 November 2015

Good news for all Android device users! KEEP team has just launched the Android version of ‘KEEPoll App’. KEEP users can make use of this innovative app to manage and answer polls, and also view poll results via Android smartphones and tablets.

With this free-of-charge app, Android device users can easily conduct discussions inside and outside of the classroom. This helps to enhance interactions between educators and students as well as encourage students’ active participation in classes. After downloading the KEEPoll App, educators or seminar speakers can log in their KEEP account to start setting up polls with the app. Then, they can get real-time replies and opinions from their audience or even use the polls as quizzes to test how much the audience understand the content of their lectures or seminars. KEEPoll users can decide the question type, the number of times that voters can respond and the closure time of their polls according to personal preference.

KEEPoll App makes it easy for students and audience to respond in a quiet way during classes and seminars. They can answer polls with the KEEPoll App on their Android devices by simply scanning the QR code of the poll presented by the lecturer or seminar speaker and then input their answers. The one who set up the polls can open the app to view the results, which are demonstrated clearly in the form of a pie chart on the web instantly. The poll results can also be downloaded and stored as CSV or Excel file for future reference.

KEEPoll App is now available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Please sign up for a KEEP user account, download the useful, user-friendly and innovative KEEPoll App to your devices, and ‘keep’ using it to have a more interactive teaching and learning experience.