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HK first online learning cloud-based platform come on the scene

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 30 March 2015

Translated and edited by Elijah Wong

Hong Kong, March. 30, [Wenweipo] After three years of development, Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform (KEEP), Hong Kong’s first one-stop cloud-based platform which supports online learning, is now put into service.

Eight institutions under the University Grant Committee (UGC) have been collaborating on the project. It is funded by the committee, totalling HK$15 million. Teachers and students in Hong Kong can now register on its website to be a member:

Prof. Irwin King, one of the principal investigators of the project, mentions that KEEP provides innovative teaching platform and stable video system by cutting-edge technology. It also leads students to different learning resources according to their study paths through computing calculation. The platform organises numerous educational resources and systems, allowing users to obtain relevant resources by its one-stop service. The efficiency and interaction between teaching and learning are thus enhanced.

“KEEP breaks through the barriers of traditional education; everybody can thus receive educational resources of best quality,” said King.

KEEP has collected 3 million pieces of cyber educational resources in Hong Kong and other regions, including documents and webpages from the eight institutions in Hong Kong. The platform supports searching by both English and Chinese.

Through KEEP, users can enter platforms providing massive open online courses, such as Coursera, edX, ewant and xuetangX, choosing the courses according to their needs.

The platform also sorts out some learning management systems (LMS) which are easy to use. With LMS like Open edX, Google Course Builder, Moodle, and Open Canvas, teachers can organise courses and share links of course materials to students. Teachers may also find teaching-aid programmes, such as Slideshare, Voicethread, and webex, useful for their lessons. 

In the website, there are a list of software recommended for students. Students can find relevant software like Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and Evernote to deal with their assignment and presentation. 

News translated and published on 5 Nov 2015