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Interview on micro-module production (3 of 3): Studios for CUHK teachers

KEEP - 16 April 2018

Last part: Interview on micro-module production (2 of 3): Producing an effective teaching video

Faculty Media Studio

Chroma Key in the Faculty Media Studio


Introduction: There has been an increasing usage of online micro-modules to assist teaching in universities. The micro-modules are parts of the teaching content and usually involve videos to help deliver complex concepts. We have interviewed Mr. Rudi Chow from the Faculty of Engineering Media Studio of CUHK to share his experience of producing micro-modules and teaching videos.

Q - The KEEP team

A - Mr. Rudi Chow, Faculty of Engineering Media Studio, CUHK


Q: Can engineering teachers use the Faculty Media Studio for producing their teaching video? If yes, how?

A: At the moment the Faculty Media Studio is available to all faculty member. It is also for collaboration of production with other teachers outside of the Faculty of Engineering. The studio is equipped with two professional full HD cameras, chroma key (green screen) backdrop, CRI 95+ lighting equipment, an audio recorder set and a video editing workstation.

Faculty Media Studio

Faculty Media Studio (Room 616, S.H. Ho Engineering Building, CUHK)

Teachers can contact the faculty office computer officer (with Mr. Alex Yiu, Mr. Stanley Yip and myself) to arrange the schedule and check the available slot.

The university has a professional video recording studio (ELITE) and teachers also have the options and flexibility to reach the ELITE and CLEAR team to help them with their micro-module production.


Q: Any interesting story about producing videos or micro-modules to share with teachers?

A: There was this one TA who was a presenter for one micro-module video. I noticed that she was extremely anxious at the beginning as that was her first time to deliver a teaching video in front of the camera. I tried to encourage her with positive words that she was doing fine and it would look great. The funny thing was after we rolled the camera and finished the first take she asked me again if she could have a second shot. Actually, it didn’t seem to me if she was that nervous as the first take was good already. Well from there, I can arguably say that positive encouragement does work well to instill hope and confidence in your students.

Some of the teachers (and their TAs) really enjoy the process and they are also so passionate about following the production stages. Micro-modules can be a rewarding teaching and learning process for both teachers and students. As the creator, the teachers are the producer and the director of their own micro-module series. They own the story and they have the power to make a difference and to contribute to their student’s success through all of the processes.


(End of the interview)