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KEEP Demonstrated Interactive Teaching Tools in CUHK Expo

KEEP - 07 December 2017

Peer Instruction tool

Peer Instruction tool

KEEP demonstrated its interactive Q&A tools currently on its Open edX course platform and in development in the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017 held in CUHK today.

KEEP Open edX, as one of the current course platforms under KEEP, allows teachers to set questions with customizable feedbacks on different possible answers. Learners can get the most accurate explanation that analyzes why the submitted answer is correct or wrong.

The KEEP team also presented a new tool in development called Peer Instruction which integrates questions with discussions. The tool emulates the peer instruction pedagogy where students have to think and exchange ideas before submitting their final answer. Students get a deeper understanding of the concept covered through the process.

Demo Session of KEEP

Demo session of KEEP

The presenter emphasized that e-learning has been changing from merely reading online content to an interactive learning experience, and suggested teachers try out those tools for better teaching effectiveness.

The Expo was jointly organized by the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) and the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of CUHK and was the eleventh annual event since 2007.

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