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KEEP Open edX upgrade - What’s new?

KEEP - 29 December 2017

KEEP Open edX

We have upgraded one of our e-learning platforms KEEP Open edX to the latest Ficus Release. The new release provides improved accessibility and a number of useful interactive functions that enrich the learning experience.

Enjoy your online education with the below enhancements!



Better Accessibility

Teach and learn in the upgraded environment with fine-tuned settings and re-designed interfaces.



Learning Sequence

Smoother Navigation: Now you can click “Next” at the last unit of a section to visit the next section. You won’t need to get back to the course outline again to read the next chapter.


Clearer Discussion: Preview each topic by reading their first line before you get in. See indications for unread posts, comments, and responses. Now you won’t miss anything.



More Interactive Assessments

Play with the new interactive question types designed for a better learning outcome.



Peer Instruction 

Peer Instruction: View the ideas from the others before submitting your final answer (yes, you can change your mind!). Learn more.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop: Fine-tuned and now mobile-friendly. Still interactive. Learn more.

Partial Credits: Set questions that award partial credits to learners if they submit an answer that is partly correct.

Timed Exam

Timed assessments: Set up timed exams or problems that require your learners to think of an answer in within a time limit. Learn more.



Smarter Management

More options, more tools, and fewer efforts.



Entrance Exam

Enrollment requirement: Set prerequisite courses and entrance exams for your advanced courses, matching knowledge of a higher level with learners who are ready to delve more deeply.

Bulk emails: Talk to a selected group of users with bulk emails. Important announcements to the whole class, comments to specific project groups and teaching guidelines to your colleagues only - all delivered in a few clicks.



Rewarding Learning Path


KEEP provides recognition and encouragements to keen learners. Check the Badges you get after having certain milestone achievements, say enrolling in a certain number of courses. Get your Certificate upon course completion, and share your accomplishments to social platforms - let your peers know what you have learned!


We hope you enjoy the enhanced teaching and learning experience brought by this upgrade. Let us know if you have any questions - just drop an email to and we would contact you then.