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KEEP Revamped The Dashboard, Easing Course Analytics

KEEP - 11 January 2018

KEEP Dashboard

KEEP has just revamped its Dashboard to enhance the visual presentation and flexibility of course analytics. Action counts like video views are visualized into line graphs, clearly showing the learning trend to teachers. The time frame can be adjusted for delving into short-period changes in learning activities.

Menu to Dashboard

In the pop-up menu under your username on the top-right corner, click Dashboard to launch it. After choosing a course that you are teaching or enrolled, a summary of course activities in figures, graphs, and tables are loaded for your study.

Dashboard interface

The Dashboard would show the Courseware section by default, which includes video and file views. You can check for periods of a sharp rise in the graph which means high popularity, or identify the top videos in the sorted list under the graph.

Activity distribution by time

In the three other sections, Forum, Assessment, and Vitality, you can check the statistics for discussions, assessments, and miscellaneous activities in your course respectively. For example, the activity distribution throughout the day can be found under Vitality, which usually displays a peak at night, meaning that students are getting online to learn after sunset.

Explore your course analytics on Dashboard now! If you have any question about this, send an e-mail to us at and let us work with you.