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KEEP Team Launches Innovative KEEPoll App for iOS Devices

KEEP - 27 October 2015

News writer - Gabrielle Poon

KEEP team has launched a ground-breaking real-time polling application – ‘KEEPoll App’ for iOS Devices. The free app enables KEEP users to manage and answer polls, and also view poll results via iPhone or iPad. Apple Watch can also be used to respond to polls created by using KEEPoll. The following link is a video demonstrating how easy and convenient for users to answer polls via KEEPoll App on an Apple Watch:

KEEPoll, one of the major innovative products invented by the KEEP team, enables educators to facilitate discussion inside and outside classroom, enhances interactions with students and encourages students’ active participation in classes. With the help of KEEPoll, educators or seminar speakers can set up polls to obtain instant replies and opinions from their audience. KEEPoll users can adjust the settings of their polls based on their personal preferences. They can decide the questions of their polls to be either multiple choice questions or open-ended questions. Besides, they can also decide the number of times that voters can respond to a single poll, as well as the closure time of their polls.

KEEPoll lets students or audience voice their views during lectures or seminars in a quiet and convenient way. Those who have an iOS device can make a response to the real-time polls with the KEEPoll App by simply scanning the QR code presented by the lecturer and then choosing or typing in their answers. They can also choose to answer the polls by sending SMS. Those who do not have an iOS device can also participate in voting with the QR code scanning and SMS functions on their gadgets. The results and responses of the polls can be shown in the form of a pie chart on the web instantly or output as CSV or an Excel file. Results of the polls can be kept on the users’ KEEP accounts for record and future reference.

KEEPoll App is now available on Apple App Store. This useful and easy-to-use application will also be launched for Android device users to download soon.

Click to download KEEPoll App to enjoy the innovative teaching and learning experience.