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KEEP’s Role in Internationalization of Education

KEEP - 11 January 2016

Professor Irwin King gave a talk called ‘KEEP on Internationalization: How Technology Facilitates the Globalization of Future Education’ at Inter-University Seminar on the “Internationalization of Higher Education with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)”, which was held on 7th January 2016.

In the talk, Professor King talked about how the use of different technologies promotes internationalization on eLearning platforms and highlighted how the Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform (KEEP) is working to develop these technologies for future education.

According to Professor King, technology can level the education field through enhancing access, interaction and mobility of education. He also listed some examples of existing platforms that facilitate internationalization of education including American Council on Education, The Mixxer and Cultura.

Professor King then discussed the current state and limitations of MOOCs. He said that we can share content through online videos, enable in-course discussion and reach students with different cultural background by the use of MOOCs but we cannot share and release cross-platform data collection and can only have limited and fragmented understanding of learning patterns in MOOCs. In addition, he mentioned that current MOOCs cannot integrate gamification and question banks nor create community between courses across platforms for students and educators. This is a reason for developing KEEP, which collects educational materials from different sources.

After talking about the current development of e-learning, Professor King talked about the future state of education which features gamification and mobile learning. He particularly discussed KEEP’s major functions and its role in future development of education. He emphasized that KEEP has been working on provision of analytics, gamification support and social platform for the betterment and internationalization of education.

The talk was followed by a short Q&A session as summarized below:

Q1: As the contents provided by KEEP are mainly written in English, would there be any language gaps for mainland users?

A: Although KEEP can mainly provide contents written in English currently, we could experiment real-time translation in the near future.

Q2: Is KEEP collaborating with other institutions?

A: Yes. KEEP can also provide education-related analytics for institutions.


A detailed report can be found from the following webpage: