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Seminar on KEEP and Lingnan University E-Learning Development Collaboration

KEEP - 23 October 2015

KEEP (Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform) team and Lingnan University held a joint seminar on 14th October to introduce the platform, and also discuss the collaboration between KEEP and the university and the institute's initiatives for learning and teaching enhancement. Edore, the co-brand Partner of KEEP team, also joined the seminar to showcase their new co-brand product Edore @ KEEP platform.

KEEP team, in the first part of the seminar, introduced the major features, products and functions of the platform. Members of the team demonstrated how to use the various function modules for learning and teaching. They highlighted the newly-launched KEEPoll application for iOS Devices, showing the audience how to make use of the app with gadgets like iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch to set up, manage and answer real-time polls for the sake of enhancing classroom interactions. The team introduced the future development directions of KEEP Namely, learning and education analysis, gamification of learning and teaching, social and collaboration enhancement tools, and last but not least, mobile and wearable education technologies.

In the second part of the seminar, Professor James Pounder, the Director of Teaching and Learning Centre at Lingnan University and a co-investigator of the KEEP project, and his team discussed Lingnan's current engagement with KEEP. According to the team, Teaching and Learning The Centre of the Lingnan University has already posted two outcome-based resources platforms on KEEP. They also introduced Lingnan's various teaching and learning enhancement initiatives, sharing with KEEP team their experience in the application of educational technologies and e-learning platforms. Professor Pounder discussed the “The potential of utilizing the KEEP system in the future development of the teaching and learning enhancement initiates of Lingnan. “We are beginning to look at ways and means by which Lingnan can totally engage with the KEEP initiative,” said Professor Pounder.

KEEP team invited Andrew Kwan, a representative of one of its co-brand partners Edore, to introduce their co-brand product Edore @ KEEP. Mr. Kwan showed how teachers can utilize the micro-module platform Edore @ KEEP to develop visually appealing exercises With multi-media elements for their students in an easy and time-saving way. With the use of the platform, students can easily locate the content information they are interested in.

In the Q&A session of the seminar, the participants voiced their opinion on KEEP and provided lots of constructive advice on the future development of the platform.


You can now watch the Lingnan KEEP Seminar here: