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Setting a Timed Assessment in Your Course

KEEP - 29 December 2017

Timed Assessment

Sometimes you want to test whether your students can solve some problems quickly, rather than writing down the perfect solution using days of time. KEEP Open edX now allows teachers to set timed assessments where learners have a set amount of time to complete and submit all problems within. It can be a casual exercise, an experiment or even an exam - as you need.

To start with, select Settings in KEEP Open edX Studio, then select Advanced Settings. Change the value of the "Enable Timed Exams” setting to true. Remember to save it!

Enable Timed Exams

Then develop a subsection for your timed assessment. Select the Configure icon (the gear) to launch the Settings dialog box. Pick the Advanced tab, then locate the Set as a Special Exam section and select Timed.

In the Time Allotted field, enter the length of time that you want learners to have to complete the problems in the subsection. Enter the time as HH:MM, where HH is hours and MM is minutes.

Configure a session

By default, completed assessments can be reviewed even after the due date. If you select Hide Exam After Due Date, it would be hidden after that date.

Settings for a timed assessment

Now you have more options for setting assessments. We hope it helps in your course design. Drop us an e-mail at if you have any questions or simply want a try.

Timed assessment countdown


Technical document: Offering Timed Exams (edX)


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