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Shoot the Best Photos With Free Online Tutorials

KEEP - 12 March 2018

Online learning covers more than academic topics and occupational training. Pick a skill that enriches your daily life - does photography sound good to you?

Photography courses ranging from basic camera usage to professional shooting are available online. Let’s start learning from practitioners and begin to take impressive pictures!

If you are new to photography but is dedicated to learning it, try the below starters’ series from Michigan State University.

Cameras, Exposure, and Photography - Michigan State University (Coursera)

Camera Control - Michigan State University (Coursera)

Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production - Michigan State University (Coursera)

Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing - Michigan State University (Coursera)

Photography Capstone Project - Michigan State University (Coursera)


Of course, there are shorter tutorials for those who need to pick up the essential skills quickly.

Introductory Photography Course - Photographer Chris Bray (Udemy)

Your Road to Better Photography - Corey Reese (Udemy)

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear - Don Giannatti (Udemy)

Need photos for presenting your academic work? It’s OK!

Making Science and Engineering Pictures: A Practical Guide to Presenting Your Work - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (edX)


Courses in Chinese are also available for learners in the Greater China region.

摄影构图(微慕课) - 梁君健 (XuetangX)

新闻摄影(2018春) - 梁君健 (XuetangX)

Search for the best photography course on KEEPCourse and enjoy your shooting journey!