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Success Story of E-learning in Business: Pixelz

KEEP - 31 May 2018

 Pixelz's Vietnam Team During Ceremony at Completion of Elementary English Course

(from the Pixelz article Professional Mobility and Pixelz Next Step)

A photo editing company, Pixelz, have utilized E-learning to its potential by conducting training to thousands of employees through their own online platform and MOOC.  Its own online training platform, Pixelz Academy, is used to train photo editors in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Pixelz applies AI technology into its “Photoshop assembly line” to service hundreds of clients around the world, every day. However, to meet quality standards, human involvement is needed, which is where e-learning comes in. There are constantly new customers with new needs, requiring Pixelz Academy to teach workers to use new tools or adhere to new standards.

During an interview with Forbes magazine, Aaron Horwath, the Head of Global Training at Pixelz, said “To do the type of training that scales hundreds of editors in a short amount of time across all our locations using instructor-led training would take weeks and by then we would have other updates to train.” Its online teaching platform has allowed Pixelz to teach its editors new techniques in a controlled setting more efficiently and effectively than any instructor-led training program could.


 Pixelz Vietnam Team During Training

(from the Pixelz article Professional Mobility and Pixelz Next Step)

Despite several success stories, most businesses have not taken up e-learning or MOOCs as a way of training its employees, even though deploying e-learning possesses many benefits compared to instructor-led trainings. Corporations have not been investing in company training in general, compared to past years. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 67% of employees that took MOOC training courses said that they would apply their new knowledge in their work, but only 5% receive financial help, and 8% receive the time. As online training becomes recognized for being efficient and MOOC platforms, such as Coursera, edX, and Udacity, expand their corporate training programs, it is reasonable to foresee the growth of company-backed e-learning training.  



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