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Taiwan Benchmark MOOC Selection Opens for Application

KEEP - 16 October 2017

National Taiwan University Entrance

National Taiwan University [1]

The MOOC Project Office under the Taiwan Ministry of Education is holding the Benchmark MOOC Selection (磨課師標竿課程甄選) to award to best developed MOOCs in Taiwan universities. The selection is open for application from today to 30 Oct.

According to the notice issued by the office, the selection aims at showcasing MOOCs in Taiwan universities, facilitating mutual learning and encouraging further input by schools and teachers. Schools can submit applications for their courses with supporting documents and a demonstration video. Both the course content and outcomes would be assessed for selecting the winners.

There are hundreds of universities in Taiwan, with some of their courses available on international MOOC platforms as well as local hosts like OpenEdu and ewant.

Taiwan MOOC in XuetangX

Taiwan course Fighting Against Bandits with Wang Yangming on XuetangX, with 11,000 enrollments

A number of Taiwan MOOCs are well-accepted in Greater China region. For example, the course Fighting Against Bandits with Wang Yangming (王陽明帶你打土匪) from National Ilan University has more than 11,000 enrollments in XuetangX, one of the most popular MOOC platform in China. The course MOOC on MOOCs from OpenEdu has won three awards out of four categories in the 2017 MOOCr Awards, a new award for recognizing excellent MOOCs in Greater China region.



[1] Photo: By Wang Yanxiang (王彥翔) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons