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Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2014

KEEP - 15 December 2014

KEEP team was one of the participants at the "Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2014” at CUHK. 

The Expo was an academic conference providing a mutually supportive and positive environment, where creative ideas or practices that lead to learning enhancement can be exchanged through meaningful conversation and interactive seminars.

We welcome all ideas and practices ranging from the course to the institutional level, regardless of whether technology is involved or not. Professor King gave a 20 minutes presentation to the participants at the conference.

The presentation included an introduction to KEEP, and teaching and learning through innovative uses of eLearning strategies. In professor King’s presentation, he demonstrated what MOOC trending is and where it is heading.

What role KEEP is playing in the e-learning space. To summarize it: The vision of the project is therefore to build a central-point, one-stop and vigorous cloud-based platform such that all the educational resources, particularly those developed by local educators (e.g., tools, contents, courses, materials, specialists, etc.) can be easily showcased, shared, searched and made accessible to target users through the platform.

We aspire to entrench innovative paradigms in teaching and learning, cultivate community of practices for educators, help learners establish virtual communities of learning, mine and analyze learning data to strengthen research-teaching nexus and promote scholarship of teaching and learning.

The aim of this KEEP is to build a cloud based Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform (the KEEP Cloud) to empower educators and students by

  • Integrating heterogeneous education systems, services and resources by developing common standards and protocols to share data and information.
  • Providing personal education and collaboration portal as the one-stop site for sharing and accessing all resources and services.
  • Facilitating innovative education applications and new paradigms, with user-friendly function module development toolkit, powerful big data mining engine, and flexible cloud infrastructure for hosting shared materials and services.