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Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2015 – A Showcase for KEEP’s Effort in Enhancing E-learning

KEEP - 21 December 2015

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2015 was held from 16th to 23rd in December. As a participating unit of the Expo, KEEP team gave participants a tour through the platform on the kick-off day of the event.

KEEP team demonstrated a simple and eye-catching poster, which briefly showed the major functions and features of the platform, during the interactive poster presentation of the Expo. Participants showed a strong interest in the platform and KEEP team members displayed how the platform works and how it brings innovations to e-learning experience with computer demonstration. KEEP team also mingled with other participating units to exchange ideas on perfecting teaching and learning by the utilization of various kinds of technologies.

During the parallel session, Prof. Irwin King and KEEP team gave participants a 25-minute PowerPoint presentation to acquaint them with the platform’s major features and explained how this initiative brings Hong Kong’s higher education institutions together to improve education. Prof. King and KEEP team also demonstrated different KEEP products namely KEEPCatalog, KEEPCourse, KEEPSearch and KEEPoll during the talk. In addition, they briefly introduced the use of KEEPoll app on Apple watch, smartphones and tablets.

Apart from telling the audience what KEEP had achieved so far, Prof. King talked about KEEP team’s work in progress - a new product called KEEPAttendance which enables teachers to take attendance data for classes via QR code and access comprehensive data on students’ attendance detail. He also stressed that KEEP can help teachers to incorporate gaming technology into their courses and convert videos into e-learning materials. ‘We have rooms and set-up to do videotaping and help you convert your coursework into e-learning materials,’ explained Prof. King.

The PowerPoint presentation was followed by a Q&A session. The following is a summary of the questions and their corresponding answers:


Q1. Are materials on KEEP accessible in the Mainland?

A:  If the materials are drawn from YouTube, they will not be accessible in the Mainland. However, other materials that are put on platforms like Open edX and KEEP’s own server would be accessible to mainland China users.

Q2. Is KEEP free for use?

A:  Yes, everything is free to use and we are here to serve you.

Q3. How’s the copyright issue of using KEEP?

A:  Users do not enjoy copyright protection and should be responsible for copyright issues and their own materials. But we are trying to work with providers of multi-media materials like images, videos and audio so that users do not have to get copyright for those materials by themselves.