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The New CUHK Vice-Chancellor Rocky Tuan Visits KEEP

KEEP - 03 January 2018

Rocky Tuan and Irwin King

Prof. Rocky Tuan (left) and Prof. Irwin King (right)

On the third day of commencing the office of CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President, Prof. Rocky S. Tuan visited the Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE) and KEEP to learn more about e-learning in the university.

Prof. King Kuo Chin Irwin, the Principal Investigator of KEEP, shared the latest course platform on KEEP and showed to the new president how KEEP can help e-learning with the online course materials, assessments and discussion tools. Prof. King also mentioned the use of KEEPoll and KEEPAttendance in holding real-time polling and taking class attendance in CUHK and the use of VeriGuide in plagiarism checks.

Prof. King introduced KEEP and VeriGuide

Prof. Irwin King (right) introduced KEEP and VeriGuide

The office of ELITE and KEEP is the first stop of the president’s visit to CUHK facilities today. He will continue to visit other units in the university to exchange ideas with his new colleagues.