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Introduction of KEEP Seminar at HKUST (Seminar Video in Nov 2015)

KEEP - 14 January 2016

News writer: Gabrielle Poon

In the first part of the HKUST KEEP seminar, Professor King led KEEP team members to acquaint the audience with the mission and functions of the e-learning platform. For the sake of showing how KEEP help facilitate and enhance e-learning, KEEP team members demonstrated a scenario of how KEEP’s various functions can be used to learn and teach online.

In the second part of the seminar, Prof. T.C. Pong gave an overview on the latest development of HK MOOC Platform (a project funded by UGC and a MOOC learning platform for Hong Kong’s tertiary education sector) and the learning analytics tools being developed on the platform. Prof. T.C. Pong summed up the effort made by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology so far in providing MOOCs for students and shared his views on how MOOCs can enhance learning effectiveness.

The last part of the seminar is a Q&A session, in which participants show their great interest and curiosity about the innovative e-learning platform.