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WeChat Introduced Mini Program Development in an CUHK Workshop

KEEP - 04 May 2018


Representatives from WeChat has come to the Chinese University of Hong Kong today for a workshop about their coming Mini Program Development Competition. Despite held in the exam season, the workshop attracted students who wish to know more about the competition.

In the workshop, the representatives from WeChat introduced the app as well as its unique Mini Programs - sub-applications that run inside WeChat. The research, development, and operation of the Mini Programs were explained. Then the representatives introduced the competition where participants will compete by developing a Mini Program for WeChat. The students participated actively in the workshop and asked plenty of questions. Souvenirs were presented to the participants with much interaction.

The competition will be held in the name of China Collegiate Computing Contest 2018, where participants will compete for prices up to RMB100,000. The application, which is free of charge, is now open on the contest’s website until 10 May 2018.



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