Enlighten your future via #CUHKeLearning

29 Jul 2020, Wed
“Which subject do you want to study at university?” “Honestly, I have no idea.”

Does this conversation sound familiar to you? 

There is a large gap between secondary school and tertiary education in terms of curriculum. Students may struggle in finding the best major from a variety of subjects in their university life since many of them are not available in secondary schools. Deciding what to study at university becomes a tough question for them. 
#CUHKeLearning allows secondary school students to have a taste of university courses.

Launched by CUHK and KEEP, #CUHKeLearning is specially designed for secondary school students for online learning, or, to have a taste of university courses in particular. Secondary school students can now easily access various educational content online with the advancement of online learning to plan for their studies in the university, as well as their future career path. 

We have added 8 additional self-paced MOOCs from different disciplines that are suitable for secondary school students. If you want to be a social worker, the course “Social Welfare Services in Hong Kong” will take you on a deep dive into this field. “Information Theory” is at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer science, information engineering, and many other subjects. You can have a broad understanding of what engineering is. You can also choose “Field Action Lab - Promoting Health in Rural Area” to master the basic knowledge and relevant theories of public health promotion and to acquire related skills for planning and launching health interventions in rural areas.

Eight latest updated courses are now available on #CUHKeLearning.

There is much more wonderful content waiting for your exploration. Active learning and wide exposure to different courses will not only help you pinpoint your interests and passion, but also guide you to a better-prepared future. 

Stay tuned to #CUHKeLearning and KEEP learning for life!