[Event Recap] VISUAL: Gamification with KEEP Open edX

8 Dec 2021, Wed
To promote gamification in eLearning and equip educators with the most cutting-edge technologies, KEEP successfully hosted the “VISUAL Seminar: Gamification with KEEP Open edX” last Friday to showcase the new gamification features on KEEP Open edX.

KEEP VISUAL for Virtual Learning
After a warm opening remark by Christian Pak from KEEP, Project Manager Raven Hon introduced KEEP VISUAL (Virtual Sandbox for Ubiquitous Active Learning) as a framework for providing gamification enrichment on virtual learning. Through a gamified KEEP platform, learners can experience an optimized learning environment and are motivated to learn proactively.

Raven Hon was explaining the meaning of VISUAL

Gamification Elements in KEEP Open edX
Next, Cora Chan from KEEP explained KEEP Open edX with gamification is an independent KEEP Open edX instance with gamification elements developed by Racoon Gang. Cora also demonstrated how points, statuses and badges work in the platform. A common leaderboard is set up to display learners’ current progress and badges obtained.

Cora Chan was explaining the different parts of the dashboard.

Q & A Session
The seminar closed with a “Questions and Answers” section. Participants showed tremendous interest and raised questions on the gamified KEEP Open edX platform. Below are some of the discussions from the seminar.

The video recording and presentation slides of the webinar are available here. If you have any enquiries, welcome to contact us at marketing@keep.edu.hk. Stay tuned to our future events for more innovative technologies and inspiring discussions!