Get Started in Game Design

29 Jun 2020, Mon

Gaming is a popular form of entertainment.

Playing computer or video games is a popular pastime for many of us. It not only helps us relax, but also improves our attention and concentration. Have you ever wondered how computer and video games are produced?
Making a game involves the effort of different professions, such as artists, programmers, and writers. In the past, it was difficult to learn about the process behind designing a successful game. But nowadays, there are many online courses in game design. You can learn how to design a game even if you don’t have any professional background.
Take your first step to becoming a game designer!
Video Game Design History
5-week course by Rochester Institute of Technology
Instructors: Stephen Jacobs, Jon-Paul Dyson
Principles of Game Design
5-week course by Michigan State University
Instructor: Casey O’Donnell
Character Design for Video Games
5-week course by California Institute of the Arts
Instructor: Fran Krause
7-week course by the University of Pennsylvania
Instructor: Kevin Werbach
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