Get Your E-Certificate in Information Literacy

28 Jan 2019, Mon
Promotional video of InfoLit for U

Do you know the correct way to find and interpret information for your study and work? More than 1,600 learners have enrolled to InfoLit for U, the free course in information literacy on KEEP, to find the answer. The course provider, libraries of the 8 UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong, and KEEP are providing an e-certificate for each learner that has completed the course. Read the below guide to learn how to claim your own certificate.

The course was officially launched in 2018 and is still open for enrollments coming from UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong. To request the certificate, you need to complete the Check My Understanding questions in the Focal Module and one of the Disciplinary Modules with a correct rate not less than 70%.

Can you master the skills of information literacy?

After answering the questions, you can click the Progress tab on the top to check your total score. When it exceeds the 70% threshold, you will be able to see the blue Request Certificate button. If you cannot see the button, go back to the questions and make sure you have enough correct trials.

Check your scores and claim your certificate in the Progress tab

After clicking the Request Certificate button, you can refresh the webpage after a while and click View Certificate. You will be led to the certificate page which is publicly visible and can be shared to social media such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Re-visit the Progress tab to check the availability of your certificate

View and share your certificate!

If you have any question about the course, you can seek help from KEEP at or consult the library at your university.


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