How to do Online Teaching with KEEP during the Semester Postponement?

3 Feb 2020, Mon
KEEP serves as an eLearning aggregator, providing a single gateway to online learning and diverse educational content around the globe.

In view of the recent public health emergency, many institutions have postponed the ongoing semester. In this regard, KEEP offers supporting functions for teachers and various course options for students to support teaching and learning online.

For Teachers
  • Easy Accessibility - With the university account (or create one for free), teachers can log in to create courses (please refer to the picture below) with simple procedures
  • Easy Connection - KEEP offers different teaching support functions, such as KEEP Poll, for enhancing class interaction

At the bottom of KEEPCourse, teachers can create a new course with simple procedures.

For Students
  • Easy Accessibility - Students can explore with the university ID (or create one for free) at any time, anywhere
  • Wide Exploration - Students can enroll in any courses in many disciplines as they wish via KEEPCourse (most of the course are free)

KEEP provides various teaching and learning functions, including videos, quizzes, and forums.

At last, KEEP would love to share the resources with all teachers and students through eLearning during this moment. With faith, patience and empathy, KEEP is convinced that we can overcome all crises together.

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