KEEP and TeLi Shared Experience in Enhancing Learning Engagement

30 Jan 2019, Wed
KEEP shared its eLearning development and how teachers were using the platform for enhancing learning engagement.

Students not participating enough in courses is not uncommon in higher education. In a seminar today, KEEP and Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TeLi) in HKU shared the use of online and in-class tools for enhancing learning engagement.

KEEP suggested a careful pick of online tools for satisfying each individual learning need accurately. In an example they mentioned, teaching materials were presented in online videos while the concept-checking questions are separately provided in an mobile app. This split has avoided the main teaching material being too bulky which would reduce the learning incentive.

Prof. Ricky Kwok of HKU then shared, on behalf of TeLi, his experience in replacing traditional teaching materials with a board game designed by his team. By playing the board game in his classes, the students learned computing and internet in a fun and engaging way. He called this Edutainment where learning is achieved through entertainment.

Besides sharing about university teaching, both KEEP and TeLi have deep participation in eLearning. They encouraged teachers to share and learn from the experience of others.


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