Latest Innovative Teaching Practices Showcased in the CUHK Teaching Expo

7 Dec 2018, Fri
KEEP and other teaching and learning units showcased their latest development.

In the yearly Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo in CUHK today, educators from local institutions shared their latest practices in university teaching, featuring a diverse application of new technologies including VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality).

The expo began with the keynote speech from Dr. John Lai from CUHK, the awardee of the 2018 University Education Award, discussing how globalization and diversity are transforming learning nowadays. It was followed by the talks by Dr. Jacqueline Yuen and Prof. Tingting Fan, both being the awardees this year, on ways to help students engage in learning and master the latest learning skills.

An online learning module presented in the expo.

A poster presentation and mini-talks were also arranged in the expo, showcasing the new teaching trials in local higher education. These included a number of new online learning modules, the use of VR/AR in teaching and innovative ways to interact with students, such as games and social media.

Dr. Kiang Kai Ming of CUHK sharing the experience of integrating gaming into teaching.

The organizing committee of the expo expected to provide an online archive of the presentations in February of the next year.