Learn IT on the Shoulders of Giants

8 Nov 2018, Thu

The IT revolution has changed how we interact with the world. We are entering the age where online applications and artificial intelligence are integral parts of our lives. Is there something to learn so that we can know more, or even grasp an opportunity in our future studies and career?

Yes, and why not learn it from the top achievers? Enjoy the online courses from tech giants like Google and Microsoft to equip yourselves with their knowledge and experience. Check out our picks below.


Well known as the leading search engine, Google is also a change maker in the field of web services and artificial intelligence. Google offers a wide variety of online courses that help you engineer wonderful tech applications.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Getting Started With Application Development

How Google does Machine Learning

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Notwithstanding the huge change in the market, Microsoft is still penetrating into our lives with its Windows, Office and, recently, the Azure cloud service. Enjoy Microsoft’s lessons that cover nearly every topic in IT.

Introduction to Design Thinking

Introduction to Data Science

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Speech Recognition Systems

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Amazon Web Services

Being the market-leading cloud service provider in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides tutorials on building and optimizing online services. Don’t miss them if you are putting your wonderful website or app online.

AWS Developer: Building on AWS

AWS Developer: Deploying on AWS

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The old brand which is still great after operating for a century. Check out their data science courses and get empowered for your AI projects.

Deep Learning with Tensorflow

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers

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