Polish Your English Through These Courses

1 Feb 2019, Fri

Mastering English can be a struggling mission. Have you ever thought that your English expression sounds less appealing than that of the others? Are you experiencing the difficulties in improving your language skill, even you are trying hard to recite the rules and vocabularies? Let’s learn from the experts through the latest online courses.

English Composition
Knowing a lot of words in English does not mean you can deliver them in a proper and pleasant way. This basic writing course will guide you through expressing ideas effectively for a variety of purposes, audiences and occasions.


Tricky English Grammar
Confused by the varied English grammar rules? We know. This course will help you know and overcome the obscure rules, with plenty of practice that will gear you up.


English Pronunciation in a Global World
Many of us have been shy to speak in English because we might not be able to speak accurately. Let’s practice the sounds and stresses and build confidence in English speaking.

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