VISUAL: Gamification with KEEP Moodle

31 Aug 2021, Tue
To promote gamification in eLearning and update educators with the most cutting-edge technologies, KEEP successfully hosted “VISUAL: Gamification with KEEP Moodle” to showcase the new gamification features available on KEEP Moodle on 20 August 2021. We have received sweeping responses from Hong Kong, the Philippines and other countries. It was a warm virtual seminar on a cozy Friday morning.

After a welcoming remark by Christian Pak from KEEP, Project Manager Raven Hon introduced KEEP VISUAL (Virtual Sandbox for Ubiquitous Active Learning) as a framework for enriching eLearning with gamification elements that encourage students to learn proactively. He remarked that traditional eLearning focuses on one-way communication that students acquire knowledge with the given teaching materials and overlooks the importance of students’ motivation and engagement, resulting in a loss of humanity in the learning process. He also explained how KEEP and VISUAL work hand in hand to deliver an optimized learning experience with gamification.

Raven explained the relationship between KEEP, VISUAL, educators, and learners.

Later, Cora Chan from KEEP demonstrated the new gamification plug-in “Level up!” with the KEEP Moodle Sandbox. With “Level up!”, teachers can customize a rewarding learning journey with experience points and keep track of students’ learning progress with dashboard reports. Features such as “Ladder” and “Rules” along with advanced settings such as levels of access restrictions were introduced in detail. Teachers are suggested setting up a student account when doing testing, for experience points are only awarded to solely student roles.

Cora explained how to set up different levels in “Level up!” by using experience points.

In the last section of “Questions and Answers'', Cora Chan showed participants how to add the new plugin on KEEP Moodle. As each Learning Management System (LMS) is independent and cannot be integrated with other LMSs, teachers who are interested in using “Level up!” in KEEP Moodle are suggested contacting their administrators or sending inquiries to for subscription plans. Access to sandbox could also be provided upon an email request via

The video recording and presentation slides of the webinar are available for download here.
For more innovative technologies and inspiring discussions, stay tuned to our future events!