What’s next? The Learning Resources for 2019

28 Dec 2018, Fri

Since “the year of the MOOC” in 2012, a great number of massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been developed by universities and organizations, providing us the opportunity to learn advanced knowledge that has never existed before. Learning from MOOCs has become a convenient way to supplement higher education and professional training.

Now we are approaching 2019, a year that we are offered even more learning resources. What can we learn in this new year?

Entering the New Era
According to Class Central, 40% of the courses belong to categories that are the easiest to monetize: business and technology. While we expect them to continue to dominate, topics of the latest technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Extended Reality (XR) will probably stand out from the others. Just as we quoted below, learning resources in these topics are becoming widely available.

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Introduction to XR: VR, AR, and MR Foundations

Finding Hidden Messages in DNA (Bioinformatics I)

New Technologies for Business Leaders

Do The Right Thing
In 2018, we heard tightened privacy controls, babies with altered genes and various discussion on the right use of technology. How can we ensure that we are applying new technologies correctly? These courses in ethics may provide the answer you need.

Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

Learn Deeper and Get Certified
Most MOOCs are small chunks of knowledge and can be completed in a few weeks. In 2018, we observed a boom in MOOC-based degrees and certifications. These ranged from “Specializations” or “Nanodegrees” which were comprised of several courses to formal degrees which consisted of tens of courses and might require one to two years in completing the degree requirements. If you are willing to pay for certifications, these programmes can be a way to for you to learn deeper and get recognized in a profession.


Keep Updated
The MOOC community is dynamic - there are new courses in every day, new topics in every season and new modes of learning in every year. Stay tuned on our eLearning news or make a search on KEEPCourse to explore the courses you need!