Why You Should Use MOOCs for Teaching

8 Sep 2020, Tue
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs, the short form for Massive Open Online Courses is no longer a new terminology to most of us, particularly under ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic since the beginning of 2020. With the new normal in education, more and more people are willing to try and accept this scalable, flexible, and affordable way of teaching and learning. 

There are three main advantages of using MOOCs for teaching.

MOOCs Allow Teachers to Rethink Their Courses. 
Creating MOOCs drives teachers to rethink their existing courses which may have been set in stone for years by restructuring the course content, syllabus, materials, and etc. MOOCs are not only a tool to teach students, but also a source of information for teachers themselves. You can refer to similar topics or subjects taught by your fellows and gain inspirations and tips on pedagogies. KEEPCourse lists MOOCs from well-known MOOC platforms around the world, including Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, ewant, and XuetangX where you can find a variety of courses offered by teachers form leading institutions. 

MOOCs Encourage Teachers to Utilize Technologies. 
Teaching follows the format of online lectures, videos, course materials and often an interactive forum in MOOCs. It is a challenge as well as an opportunity for you to design each component and create an engaging and interactive learning environment for your students. Technology plays an important role in helping teachers transform the traditional teacher-centered classroom to a motivating and effective learner-centered one. Searching for educational technologies can be frustrating and time-consuming. With KEEPCatalog, however, you can easily browse and find the newest educational technologies and tools to enhance teaching effectiveness.

MOOCs Provide Teachers with Analytics That Improve Teaching. 
Most MOOCs platforms provide users with the feature to track students’ learning activities. KEEPDashboard gathers your course’s data such as course engagement figures, student performance, and forum activities. How would you know if students learn better with videos or textbooks? Or if students prefer the gamified quizzes to traditional multiple-choice questions? With the data and analytics at hand, you can further tailor and optimize your teaching. 

If you are looking to create your own MOOCs, KEEP is a good place to start. As a one-stop online education platform, apart from what have been mentioned above, our integrated platforms KEEP Open edX and KEEP Moodle provide powerful solutions to help you establish your MOOCs and make them available, searchable and accessible. 

It is high time to embrace the digital transformation in education. You are welcome to try KEEP and our professional technical team is always here to support and assist you along the process.